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Hi! I am Jason. I’m young, consistent and a responsible male teacher. I’m looking for a full time job in Shanghai, Shenzhen or Beijing cities. I have more than 5 years of teaching experience at the English language that can improve your students to speak up fast. I can teach different levels of students from kids to adults. I have experience in plenty of kindergartens, primary and a training school. At present, I’ve been working in Tangshan city (Hebei province) for more than 3 years. I work in a private English training centre. I’ve got enough and sustainable experience with Chinese kids and adults. During these 3 years I’ve taught on various levels from 4 years old to 50 years old students. I definitely, surely assure you that I show extremely, amazing and shocking lessons in my classes. My students love me very much because I deliver an exciting and thriving environment that is better for their understanding of the English Language. I guarantee, if someone takes my class first time, it absolutely will continue to take classes because of high skill and technique. I am not a native speaker but I speak English with understandable accent and have good communication skills. I'm an Uzbek by nationality and I was born in Uzbekistan. I speak English with understandable accent and have good communication skills. I have lots of experience adapting to academy curriculums as well as making my own curriculum. I'll be available in July 2016 to take any teaching job in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing. My contract will expire in June 2016. Honestly, I’m quite satisfied with my current job. I have a superb, nice manager and colleagues. I’d like just to challenge myself in those cities. This is the reason that I’m looking for a job. Below you’ll see a brief job experience of mine